Desert Dunes by Harmony Beus

Model: iPhone 15 Pro Max
Please check your phone model: Settings --> General --> About
Case Features
  • Comfortable finger strap that can be used with either hand
  • Wallet pouch that is designed to fit 2 cards. (As the case breaks in, more cards can be added. We do not recommend decreasing the number of cards after adding more, as the material will stretch.)
  • Adjustable kickstand to prop up your phone
  • Vegan leather material

iPhone Pro and Samsung S22 and S23 Models: Because the iPhone Pro models are more compact, the wallet portion of the phone case has been adjusted down to prevent a credit card in the wallet from interfering with the camera lens bumper. The black portion of the color block design on the Desert Dunes case on iPhone 13 Pro, 14 Pro and 15 Pro and Samsung S22 and S23 cases is smaller than pictured.

Samsung S22 and Samsung S23: The camera lens on these cases extends down to the wallet portion of the case. Inserting a card into the wallet will obstruct the camera lens on the Samsung S22 and S23 models. It does not effect the Samsung Plus and Ultra models.

Warranty and Return

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U.S. Patent No. D946,562

Walli x Harmony Beus

I am beyond excited to be able to work with Walli Cases on another collab! They have been my favorite phone cases for a long time. Once you try a Walli Case, you will never want another case to touch your phone! They truly are the best!

When designing these cases, I wanted to keep them simple and classic, while still having fun! Desert Dunes is a basic, that’s not so basic... just the way I like it! Checkmate offers a neutral checkered pattern with some little pops of color. I adore each case, and can’t wait for you to try them as well!

Love, Harmony

Walli Case Features

Finger Strap

Enjoy a secure and comfortable grip on your phone with the finger strap that can be used with either hand!

Card Holder

The built-in card holder is designed to hold 2 cards, and more can be added as it breaks in.


The adjustable kickstand stand provides a hands-free viewing experience with multiple viewing angles.

Vegan Leather

The vegan leather material is environmentally friendly without compromising quality.