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The Fielding Family
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The Fielding Family

Meet the Fielding family-- Jay, Marci, Ryan (16), Hallie (14), Andrea (12), Erica (12), Tyler (10), and Landon (7). They suffered a devastating loss on Easter Sunday when Marci was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital. She passed away shortly after from an unconfirmed medical complication. To know Marci was to love her, and her passing has left a hole in the hearts of many, especially her sweet family. Jay and the kids were her whole world and she found no greater joy than being a wife and a mother. The time she spent snuggling her babies, doing crafts, and sleeping under the stars alongside her children were cherished.
Marci shared a life of friendship and love. One of the main qualities that she will be remembered for is her ability to care about others. Marci was a shoulder to cry on and gave the best hugs while putting life's challenges into perspective. Marci had a unique ability to sense the needs of others and she was very good at fulfilling those needs without being asked. Once you were Marci’s friend, you were her friend for life, and she would not forget you! Her fun-loving attitude and selfless service will be greatly missed not only by her family, but also the community that she has greatly impacted for good. 
Walli showed their love and support for the Fieldings by donating all net profit from one day of sales to Jay and and the children.
About the Walli Gives Back Program:
When Walli Cases was created, owners Nick and Jenna Emery were recently married and both emerging from what they would describe as the darkest times of their lives. They are both passionate about reaching out to others in need because of the huge outpouring of love and support they received during their trials, including Jenna becoming a widow with an 8-month-old son and more recently losing her mother to cancer, and Nick going through divorce. When they created Walli cases, they wanted to help others feel the same hope and encouragement, and the Walli Gives Back program was created. Each month, Walli chooses a family to support.
This quote by Natalie Norton sums up why they are both devoted to "giving back" to others in their time of need: "There is always a light. Find it. Follow it. And then turn around and shine it as brightly as you can for those still feeling their way through the darkness."
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