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LOVE love love this phone case. I was nervous switching from the brand Loopy case I had for years but it has been so nice having one that can lay flat and also prop up well! It's so much better to put in your pocket and I used to keep my card behind my Loopy case and take it on and off every day. This is a perfect combo. Looking forward to expanded colors for my size phone case. Thank you!

Kelly C.

I am SHOOK! Where has this phone case been all my life, or better yet the entire time I've had my current phone?! This is a miracle in different ways. It's a wallet AND a finger grip. I hate how big phones are nowadays especially when my hand is so small. I NEED finger/hand grip to use my phone. This is beyond expectations!

Meagan H.

Beautiful case, and it keeps my phone from falling out of my hand. I'm keeping three cards in the back currently, since these days I loathe carrying anything extra so having a phone mini-wallet is perfect. The loop on the back is great for holding the phone and also functions as a little stand.

L. Hamilton

Love this case! The feel, color, and weight are perfect. I like the built in loop that doubles as a stand. The price is great as well. My husband liked mine so much he asked for a black one for Father's Day.

Ryann M.

WOW! I was hesitant about purchasing this case because it would replace my popsocket. BUT I AM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS! The color is even prettier in person and the strap is so comfortable to use. PLUS you can adjust it into a phone stand! So perfect, I"m never going back to popsockets.

Katie S.