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Woodland Family

Meet sweet Ryland Woodland! Ryland is 2 years old and was diagnosed with Myoclonic Epilepsy in January. In the past six months he has undergone many tests, doctors visits and medication changes. Currently he still has 2-3 seizures a day and struggles to communicate his needs and feelings as he cannot talk. Despite all of his setbacks, he still has the most beautiful smile and can let you know exactly how he feels about a situation with the perfect facial expression. He loves playing outside on his family's farm and has a special love for all the animals. Ryland has been approved for a service dog through the wonderful organization, 4 Paws for Ability. His dog will be trained for his specific needs:

*Serizure Alert/Scent: His dog will be able to detect a seizure, alert his family, and provide comfort to him during and after an episode. 

*Behavior Disruption: Ryland often becomes overwhelmed with loud sounds and crowded spaces. His service dog will be able to pick up on his anxiety and kiss, snuggle, or provide pressure to certain areas on his body to help soothe him. 

*Tethering/Tracking: Ryland likes to wander and has no understanding of safety. His dog will aid in preventing him from eloping and will also be able to track him in the event that he was to escape. On average, it costs between $40,000-$60,000 to breed, raise and train a service dog. His family is responsible for raising $20,000 of that cost. After the service fee is met, 4 Paws for Ability will begin the process of breeding and training a service dog for Ryland, which will take 2-2.5 years. Rylands family wants to give him all the opportunities and support possible for him to be successful. A service dog will be able to support his needs while also becoming a loving companion and constant friend in an unpredictable world.

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