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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $75! 🎉

Walli X Malouf Foundation

Everyone Has a Story

Empowerment and Support

we are all unique

Everyone Has a Story by Malouf Foundation

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Everyone Has a Story by Malouf Foundation

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Walli x Malouf Foundation

Case Design: Blue with light blue irregular dots

Finger Strap Color: Solid light blue

Case Features:
- Comfortable finger loop that can be used with either hand
- Wallet pouch that is designed to fit 2 cards (as it breaks in, more cards can be added)
- Adjustable kickstand to prop up your phone
- Vegan leather material
- Shock-absorbing inner pad

Walli x Malouf Foundation

Walli x Malouf Foundation

The Malouf Foundation isn't just an organization; it's a heartfelt mission to help meet a primary need for children and families experiencing hardship. Sam and Kacie Malouf founded the organization to confront child sexual exploitation. As parents of five children, it was heartbreaking to learn that millions of children are victims of this horrible crime. The Malouf Foundation has joined forces with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation to expand their efforts to support survivors. Founder Kacie Malouf said, “When you meet a survivor and hear stories that pull at the heartstrings, it becomes impossible not to help.” 

Our team at Malouf is so excited to partner with Walli and release the “Everyone Has a Story” case. This case is a symbol of empowerment and support for every survivor out there. The dot design on the case is unique and no two dots are alike–just like we are all unique and have our own stories and experiences that shape us. 

Together with Walli and the help of each of you, we're making a real impact and continuing our work. All proceeds from the sale of the “Everyone Has a Story” case will be used to support the programs we offer at the Malouf Foundation and provide a variety of resources for survivors. Because, to us, every survivor is unique and valued. We want to thank you for your support in our mission! It truly changes lives!