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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $75! 🎉

Walli X Jayne

The Small things are really the big things

"A Little Extra"

The world is a better place with all of us in it!

Sweet Sunset by Jayne

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Walli x Jayne

Case Design: Lavender, creamsicle orange, and pink wavy stripes

Finger Strap Color: Solid pink

Case Features:
- Comfortable finger loop that can be used with either hand
- Wallet pouch that is designed to fit 2 cards (as it breaks in, more cards can be added)
- Adjustable kickstand to prop up your phone
- Vegan leather material
- Shock-absorbing inner pad

Sweet Sunset by Jayne

Sweet Sunset by Jayne

Hi friends,

Jayne has been a huge fan of Walli Cases ever since she got her first case and was jumping up and down! She was so excited that it had a finger loop and a place for all her "cards.” :) Jane is rarely without her Walli and loves the fun patterns and that it makes her feel like the sweet and sassy teenager that she is!

Jayne was thrilled to be able to design her very own case. She got to work right away using her watercolor paints and created a design that reminded her of the sunset, one of her very favorite things. Walli brought her design to life and Jayne is so happy with how it turned out!

Jayne said she wanted to do a sunset case  because “it’s beautiful and reminds me of heaven and Jesus and that I’m a child of God.” Jayne has always loved the sunset and reminds us to find the beauty in everything, that the small things are really the big things, and that we all need to be seen. She brings joy and light to everyone she meets.

We are so excited that Jayne’s case is being released in October during Down Syndrome Awareness Month. This is just another reminder that each of us have "a little extra" that makes us special and that the world is a better place with all of us in it!

I hope you love this case as much as we do and that it reminds you, too, that heaven is close and that you are loved, beautiful and unique!