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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on US orders over $75! 🎉

The Walli Gives Back Story

Whimsical Blooms - Walli Gives Back Case

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Choose Case Design: Whimsical Blooms - Walli Gives Back Case

Whimsical Blooms - Walli Gives Back Case

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Whimsical Blooms - Walli Gives Back Case

Case Design: Black background with flowers in shades of pink
Finger Strap Color: Solid black

*All net profit from the Whimsical Blooms case will be donated to families in need of love and support. Read below for more information about the Walli Gives Back Foundation.

Case Features:
- Comfortable finger loop that can be used with either hand
- Wallet pouch that is designed to fit 2 cards (as it breaks in, more cards can be added)
- Adjustable kickstand to prop up your phone
- Vegan leather material
- Shock-absorbing inner pad

When Walli Cases was created, owners Nick and Jenna Emery were recently married and both emerging from what they would describe as the darkest times of their lives. They are both passionate about reaching out to others in need because of the huge outpouring of love and support they received during their trials. Nick had gone through a divorce, and Jenna became a widow with an 8-month-old son. More recently, Jenna lost her mother to cancer, and then her big brother. When they created Walli Cases, Nick and Jenna wanted to help others feel the same hope and encouragement through trials, and the Walli Gives Back program was created. Each month, Walli chooses multiple families and organizations to support. To date, Walli Gives Back has gifted over $350,000. This quote by Natalie Norton sums up why they are both devoted to “giving back” to others in their time of need: “There is always a light. Find it. Follow it. And then turn around and shine it as brightly as you can for those still feeling their way through the darkness.”

Jenna and her sister, Natalie (Walli Gives Back director), are excited to share this special project with you! “The floral we helped design is a perfect reflection of our mom, Gale. She loved whimsical designs and pink florals. Because of that, we have named the case Whimsical Blooms. Our mom saw the vision of Walli and the great potential for giving back before she passed away, and we are proud to do this in her honor!”

One hundred percent of the net profit of Whimsical Blooms sales will go directly to the Walli Gives Back Foundation and will be used to help many families in need of love and support.