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The Jones Boys

On May 22nd, Degan, Drayden, Daxton, Drake and Drevik Jones suddenly and tragically lost their dad. The Jones family are big sports fans, all of the boys playing in basketball, baseball, and football with their dad right along side them coaching and cheering them on. Josh’s death happened in the middle of baseball season and has been so hard on the boys to not have their dad beside them at their games. These 5 boys have had to endure so much at such a young age and now will forever play in the memory of their dad, carrying on his legacy and doing what they enjoy most; playing sports just like him.

Proceeds from one day of Walli orders went to the Jones boys so they could continue to play sports and do what they love without the financial burden.

About the Walli Gives Back Program:
When Walli Cases was created, owners Nick and Jenna Emery were recently married and both emerging from what they would describe as the darkest times of their lives. They are both passionate about reaching out to others in need because of the huge outpouring of love and support they received during their trials, including Jenna becoming a widow with an 8-month-old son and more recently losing her mother to cancer, and Nick going through divorce. When they created Walli cases, they wanted to help others feel the same hope and encouragement, and the Walli Gives Back program was created. Each month, Walli chooses a family to support. 
This quote by Natalie Norton sums up why they are both devoted to "giving back" to others in their time of need: "There is always a light. Find it. Follow it. And then turn around and shine it as brightly as you can for those still feeling their way through the darkness."

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